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14 Buildable Lots in Cedar Key, FL

2Bdr.2Bth. Doublewide Manufactured Home on 1/4 Acre in Chiefland, FLorida
4Sale by Owner  
Call: 352-543-6854

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65 acre Hunting Camp with Singlewide MH in Cedar Key. FL

1.38  Buildable Lot in the Preserve area of Cedar Key, Fl

Old Florida in Present Day Real Time
You've probably asked yourself a thousand times... in today's complex world, how do I want to fully enjoy life and where do I want to visit and vacation?

If you're a Floridian and especially if you're not, have you considered escaping the everyday rat-race and visiting a place that smells of history, feels like you've been there before and looks like Old Florida? Where great climate, gorgeous morning--evening skies and ocean coastline beckon to people like yourself wanting to...
"Enjoy The Good Life".

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you've imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler. -- Henry David Thoreau"

Of course our climate and rental properties on or near the water aren't the only great thing Cedar Key has to offer. What about our laid back way of life... tank tops, T-shirts, no shirts, shorts, cut-offs, flip flops, sandals?... OH YEAH!

How about a place where time itself seems to have taken a step backward and lifestyles are still rich with everyday backyard living, exploration, adventure and good ole southern leisure at its best. Sounds good enough to be sitting in a rocking chair on the big wrap around veranda, drinking a colorful mouth watering mint julep, doesn't it?

How about an island scene that lays 3 miles off the Florida Gulf Coast and is only connected to the outside world by many pictorial bridges. The best thing is you can access our little sleepy island 3 separate ways... air, land and sea. Come on... you can do it... visit us TODAY!

By Air
Flying in to the Cedar Key Airport - Air Nav
 Runway Looking East Private Plane Landing at Cedar Key
 Parking and Tie-Down Area More Parking Area and Tie-Down Area
 Planes Parked in Grass Field on Other Side of Runway More Grass Field Parking
 Parked Planes in Grass Field Pictures of Planes Looking North East
 Planes Parked in Grass Field Planes Parked in Tie-Down Area Looking North East
 The airport is approximately 1km/1 mile SW of the town of Cedar Key (CDK). On your
 approach you can call "Judy's Taxi" at 352-543-5406 or Judy monitors CTAF on 122.9.
 The charge was $5.00 per person round trip from the airport to town... which takes 5
 minutes. Will have to see if Judy is still running her service?

By Land

Easy access coming from Gainesvile, Chiefland or Crystal River
to Cedar Key.

and By Sea

The Big Dock View From Sandspit Area
Inside The Marina Boat Leaving The Marina and Big Dock
View of Marina From Dock Street Bridge Leading Out From The Marina To The Gulf
Floating Dock Area Inside of Marina View of Big Dock From Dock Street

Come on... you can do it... visit us TODAY!


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